Rodent Face Mask Kit is a perfect fit.

Front view of rodent wearing a properly-fitted face mask
The anatomically correct anesthesia face mask design gives your rodents a perfect fit while allowing eye and head access. Now you can choose gas anesthesia more often.

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Main reasons to buy

  1. Available in four sizes: small, medium, large and extra large for mice and rats of nearly any size. Each mask can be further customized to get the best fit or adapted to stereotaxtic systems.
  2. Adaptable in surgical and neurological procedures, ophthalmic applications, stereotaxic systems, and multiple station examinations
  3. Safer and easier access to your rodent’s head and eyes through flexible repositioning aided by the 360 degree swiveling ports
  4. Increased stability during placement, examination and surgery
  5. The waste-line connects to either gravity or vacuum filter provided a level plane of anesthesia and cleaner lab air.

Buy a rodent face mask

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